Тест с ответами по теме: «Active voice (активный залог)»

1. This test __ by a great number of students, so you can do it as well.
a) has passed
b) has been passed+
c) have passed
d) passes

2. Who __ your house cleaned by?
a) will
b) can
c) is+
d) has

3. He __ when he told that he had never heard it before.
a) was laughed
b) was laughed at+
c) was being laughed at
d) laughed

4. My older brother __ to eat a lot of sweets.
a) is not allowed+
b) will not allowed
c) must not allowed
d) was not being allowed

5. What were you asked __ at the meeting?
a) to
b) —
c) with+
d) about

6. Ivan ________. to Washington last week to visit his parents.
a) went+
b) has gone
c) had gone
d) is going

7. The new musical ______ next week at 12th Street’s Old Auditorium.
a) is going to be performed+
b) is going to perform
c) is performed

8. A lot of measures ______ to fix the economy.
a) have been taken+
b) are taking
c) have taken

9. I ______ you exactly what to do when we arrive.
a) will be shown
b) am shown
c) will show+

10. The police discovered a group of women who ______ in an illegal factory.
a) have been exploited
b) were being exploited+
c) were exploiting

11. A lot of money __ since we established this fund. Hopefully, we will have raised the whole sum by the end of the year.
a) was donated
b) donated
c) have been donated
d) has been donated+

12. What __ to help you avoid the punishment?
a) can be done+
b) I can do
c) do you do
d) can been done

13. The official report __ by the end of this week.
a) will be written
b) is being written
c) will have been written+
d) is written

14. The number of the Internet users __ every day.
a) is grown
b) grows+
c) are grown
d) grow

15. When do you think they ______ us the copy of the contract?
a) will send+
b) will be sent
c) are they being sent

16. Chicken thighs ______ for 40 to 50 minutes.
a) should be baking
b) should be baked+
c) should bake

17. After five months the children ______ to say many things in English.
a) had learned+
b) had been learned
c) had learning

18. Five people ______ after a car ______ into a bus last night.
a) were injured / crashed+
b) injured / was crashed
c) injured / crashed

19. Road safety ______ in every school of the country.
a) should teach
b) should be teaching
c) should be taught+
d) has no initiative.

20. When ____ you ____ to learn driving?
a) will, go
b) are, going+
c) is, gone
d) have, gone

21. I felt and looked to see if I was hurt in the accident, but I wasn’t. I _______ slowly, and luckily I ______ my seatbelt.
a) drove, worn
b) had been driving, had been wearing+
c) was driving, was wearing
d) was driving, had been wearing

22. We __ to be polite and friendly to other people.
a) have taught
b) are taught+
c) may taught
d) be taught

23. The exhibition __ to the audience tomorrow morning.
a) will be opened+
b) open
c) will open
d) is opened

24. My brother __ me about his wedding.
a) is being informed
b) has been informing
c) was informed
d) informed+

25. The Pyramids _____ long before the European civilization appeared.
a) will be constructed
b) are constructed
c) have been constructed
d) had been constructed+

26. He needs ______ what to do all the time.
a) to tell
b) to be told+
c) to been told

27. There _____ some eggs in the fridge but I didn’t find them.
a) was
b) were+
c) had been
d) will be

28. _____ he join us when we come?
a) Is
b) Was
c) Will+
d) Shall

29. You’ll have to wait because the dinner __ .
a) will just being cooked
b) is just be being cooked
c) is just being cooked+
d) was just being cooked

30. During World War II many cities __ by the German army.
a) were occupied+
b) occupied
c) have occupied
d) are occupie

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